Tuesday, April 21, 2009

unattractive people can be engaging... hell... they can even SING...

I'm sure everyone has heard the marvelous clips of the Scottish woman, Susan Boyle, with the voice of an angel and apparently the soul of a very wise woman. I, like others, felt moved by her beautiful voice. I was especially impressed with her good nature and the way she seemed to either ignore or actually not notice the rude and insensitive audience... not to mention the rolling eyes and smirks from the judging table. Then I was just gobsmacked (as she would say!) with her lovely, lovely voice. I thought about how strong she must be and how much inner confidence she must have to be able to perform like that in spite of very little obvious outside support. Her honesty as she went through the litany of telling how she was an unmarried woman who had never been kissed or had a date was somewhat overwhelming. I wondered why she chose to share that part of her life.

And now I've read she has indicated she is not interested in being turned into a slick & chic performer.... I was so pleased to hear her say, "There's nothing wrong with me..." when asked about having a makeover. The person asking the questions seemed briefly somewhat surprised as Susan Boyle went on to explain, "That would be sort of fake, wouldn't it? Wouldn't be me now would it?"

WOW! A not especially attractive person can SING? And then dance a little jig when the audience response is overwhelmingly good? Who knew??? What next? Perhaps the world will recognize ugly people can write and act and design and report the news on TV. Fat people can take photographs? NO! When did this happen?

So... lemme get this straight... it is NOT a requirement for all front desk people to have perfect figures, gorgeous blonde hair, and plumped up lips? Fat people can report the news? Ugly people can sing? Bald people have real emotions and feelings? Pimply faced people fall in love? Deaf people aren't dumb?

I'm thinking this Susan Boyle woman has hit upon something. The world is made up of maybe 5% beautiful people. There's plenty of room for the rest of us (hell... think about it... probably takes the other 95% to keep the 5% going... ;- ) .


  1. So true ...I did not see her on Idol but have seen and heard her on other talk shows etc..The world can be so freakin cruel..

    Happy Birthday Young Lady :))

  2. Yes, but she is, after all, still Scottish, and, as a descendant of the Clan Campbell, I can assure you that Scots are among the more bullheaded people ever created, or, as the bumpersticker with the picture of blue-faced, club-wielding Mel Gibson says, "Scots: We're the Friendly Race"