Monday, March 16, 2009

Houston Art Car Parade

Most photos are from summer 2008 Houston Art Car Parade. The first is David Best's and is completely beaded. It is an older entry... don't remember exact date, but I believe it was about ten years ago.

Close up view of front of beaded car.

Another beaded art car entry... again... from several years ago.

Summer 2008 entry... I suppose this one is self explanatory! The Art Car Parade includes bikes, skateboards, roller blades... just about anything on wheels... (plus a free spirit).

Summer 2008... I believe this one was the lego car...

This is the original art car... summer 1984... Houston, TX ... and was called The Fruit Mobile. It was covered with ... duh... plastic fruit. If I remember correctly it was one of two in the initial display at the Lawndale Art Annex in Houston.

Wanna see more art cars? The art car parade and museum in Houston is an annual affair that seems to grow larger every year. Many area high school art departments create entries. You can google art cars to learn if there are any in your area. The next Houston art car parade will be Saturday, May 9, 2009. The annual Art Car Ball is a major fundraiser held among the art cars which are parked for the affair on one or another area rooftop parking lots. I believe the last Art Car Ball had 55,000 in attendance (that's people... not cars).... dancing among the cars. You can bet they raised a bit of pocket change at that affair.
The Houston art car museum has become part of the Orange Show, another Houston eccentric art/folk art showplace which, when the original creator died and the place was falling into disrepair, was revived by a local non-profit. The Orange Show is home today to many fund raisers and the group is an integral part of Houston philanthropy.

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  1. Have you had an opportunity to talk to some of these artists? They must be interesting people.

  2. Wow..Jeannie..Love those cars:)) I maybe need to think about those beaded ones...LOl JK;))
    I will stick to my bracelets...


  3. Those cars are lovely! The way the car artists use colors on the vehicles is very good. A car is a pretty huge thing, after all, and it takes a ton of work and vision to lay out the concept design onto the car as envisioned.

    -Jolandi Kerstetter

  4. Whoa, I wonder how long it took to finish that beaded car. Car parades are one of the events people look forward to each year. Those cars are just amazing. It must be a remarkable experience to see them up close.

    -Erwin Calverley

  5. I agree with you Erwin. Car parades are a great platform for people to show their creativity. It also brings a festive mood to the community. By the way, Jeannie, I this event is being held every year. Were you able to attend this year’s parade? Hope you’d post some photos here. :)

    Cody Strub

  6. These cars are awesome! I try to imagine driving a car like that in our neighborhood. I wonder what the people’s reaction would be. Well, they’ll most likely be amazed for sure! ;)

    Carson Wininger

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