Monday, March 23, 2009

Little Mamas, Vintage Photos of Children and their Dolls

The photo to the left is dated 1915 and features a cute Little Mama with her googly doll, Hug Me Tight.

Postal cards featured sweet children with their toys and this Little Mama is particularly fetching as she gives her dolly a ride. Can you imagine the handwork on these 2 dresses?

1950s Christmas dolly... not a lot of black dolls available at that time. This Little Mama looks lovingly at her Mama Doll... we find lots of these heads... arms & legs were frequently made of "magic skin" which rotted... leaving only the intact head.

These two sweet toddlers appear afraid of the camera... note the Little Mama wears a locket, bracelet, and (I think?) a ring. The boy is riding his skin horse and the girl's factory made cloth doll sits on a great little wooden chair... likely painted red.

And... yes... I collect vintage photos... of many different subjects. The first I collected were of little girls with their dolls and I've never stopped adding to the collection. I find them sweet and evocative of a different place in time... a kinder and more gentle place.


  1. The top photo with the shadow of the photographer is a real keeper. My box of old family photos have a lot of photographer shadows. Those old Brownie or box cameras required the sun behind the photographer. :o)

  2. Hello. Question? Do you live in Clemmons, NC. I am the PH Support Group Leader for that area and would love to connect with you.