Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Momma Didn't Buy Me Any Toys...

So... I grew up and bought my own. The first photo has the larger dolls... these are all German antique dolls... Kestner, Hoffmeister, and a few others. The small A&M doll (middle right side) is about 12" and is in her original condition including her pink gauze dress with cheap lace and trip. The dress is heavily sized (and would either disintegrate if washed or become a very limp piece with no body). The hat has been added. She likely had a huge hair bow when originally purchased. The body is a very grainy, rough compo. These dolls were cheaply made and it is difficult to find them in such pristine condition. She is not particularly valuable, but I love seeing her so fresh and new looking with her tiny paper "patent leather" shoes and her crispy clothing. The middle doll... blonde with no hat and a sort of 'baby face' is marked "Herzi". I've found very little information about her. She is about 18" tall on a toddler jointed compo body. The top far right doll is a Schoenau Hoffmeister, about 20" tall on a compo body. She wears her original faux fur cape and gold filled bar pin. My favorite is probably toward the bottom middle... a 12" Kestner 143 wearing her original fur trimmed wool bonnet.

In the px below the top two (red cape & blue sweater) are 10" celluloid. The next row ... all about 6-7" tall, porcelain heads and compo bodies. The front doll is all bisque... about 5" tall. All are German antiques.

The doll to the far left dressed in an off white dress with pink ribbon trim is a favorite. She has sleep eyes and a darling compo body. I bought her at an estate sale.
The small box, the pink ballerina doll shoe, and the doll potty all hold tiny china dolls... sometimes called 'bathing dolls' or 'frozen charlottes'.

These dolls are mostly reproductions of small antiques with a few original artist dolls. Sizes range from about 3-4" to 8".

Yet another favorite of mine! Old Santas! I don't care about the quality, rarity, or material... just smallish old Santas. This photo was shot from the side of a small display cabinet so not the best view.... and it is way too crowded. The Santas need a new home.

I made a few of the snowmen ... the snowmama with her twins and the snowman candy container (bottom right corner wearing burgundy hat).
The snowman at top right corner is an old whiskey advertising piece. The largest snowman in the middle top is a 1940s vintage animated piece with eyes & nose that light up. The smallish (abt 8") front row far right is a beer bottle from Germany. I have another collection of very small snowmen I'll share later.

Spent most of the week wrangling contractors and yard people... resulting in new french doors for the living room and bedroom plus a few new windows to make the french doors fit in the space where the old sliding glass doors stood. Also... new bathroom windows...clear glass... big change from the old frosted glass... and, best of all, with a mechanism for leaving the window open about six inches, but locked so it cannot be opened further. The old windows didn't have this plus I'd added very poorly fitting screens so the windows had to stay closed most of the time. It has been so nice to have open windows and cool breezes all weekend.
I also bought a new bottle tree.... made with welded rebar. It is much smaller than I'd like, but it is a start. I'm hoping it will grow into a big tree by summer's end... and I'll plant the seeds and have even more bottle trees.
PS... My mother did buy toys for me... just not very many... lol... and not the ones I wanted. When I was young girls still played with dolls... and for a long time. At age 13 she told me I was too old to have a doll. I wasn't.


  1. Wow, I'm impressed with your collection!

  2. We hardly got toys either, but it was because we were so many kids. I also have a doll collection, but mine are more the hard plastic ones from the 50's and 60's.
    My sister likes the kind of dolls that you collect, as a matter of fact she has a head up on her entertainment center that looks like one of the ones you have!
    You really do have a nice collections!

  3. Damn Jeannie..You do collect stuff..LOL
    I did not see any bricks in all that...LMAO
    Keep posted so we can all see what we wanna get when we come to your house shopping ;)

  4. Wow Jeannie, you have a beautiful collection of dolls. I was a baby doll child and loved them like you did even after I was to old. Heck I still love them. LOL!!
    I do not collect them but I do have 2 dolls that was given to me as a child and are 42yrs old. Gee wonder if they could be worth money now. LOL!! Even if they were worth something I would not get rid of them.