Friday, March 13, 2009

Recycled planters and yard art

I love this recycled planter made by one of my gardening junk friends several years ago. She used an old washing machine agitator... turned it upside down and attached it to a pipe sunk into the ground. It reminds me of a big pink lily!

Here's a nice flower bed made using old picket fences and part of a chair for a plant shelf... again, not my yard, but I like it. I have a small collection of 40s potty chairs which I used to hang over the tub in the bathroom but have already hung one on the covered patio and plan to put the others there. They look great with trailing plants in the 'potty' area. (Soon as I get the digital camera... and figure out how to use it...will post a photo. )

It is possible none of you will recognize the origins of this lovely planter.... and instead of telling, I'm gonna ask you to take a guess. I can give you a hint... I'd LOVE to have it in my back patio... and I just love junk.

I did a little impromptu antiquing Wednesday and the devil made me buy a vintage telephone booth... it is huge... solid oak inside and out and has old wavy glass in the door. It really is a beautiful piece. The seat was removed long ago and shelves added to make it a display cabinet... I'll probably leave it like that for a while... until I decide exactly what to do with it... it was such a bargain... I just couldn't pass it up! (i'll need to keep a closer eye out for those antiquing devils in the future)

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  1. What fun!

    My mother put the head board and foot board from a bed in her large planter. It became her "flower bed."

    My guess is your mystery planter has mannequin parts.