Saturday, March 7, 2009

I believe I am finally realizing gardening probably isn't gonna be one of my strong suits any longer. Although I'm still managing without the 'nose hose' most days, lugging stuff around the yard, digging, etc probably isn't gonna be worth using ALL my energy... I suppose if I saw any sort of results even half worthy of my expended effort perhaps I'd be more encouraged... I swear it looks like a big mess of unrelated objects/plants/garden art, etc with no plan. I think I'll just get the entire yard straightened up (by the gardener) and concentrate my efforts efforts toward keeping the three patio areas neat with a few plants and comfortable seating areas on each one. I've already planted several tubs (old wash tubs) and a wine barrel plus several other large pots toward the back fence so I'll at least keep those watered. The gardener guy will be here Tuesday to dig a small (4'x8') garden, but it is a community effort (neighbors don't have yard space for a garden) and my responsibility will be mainly keeping it watered. I've already bought soaker hoses dedicated only to that area so that shouldn't be too difficult.

My great niece & nephew (ages 5 & 6) were here for a few hours yesterday with their new puppy... what a riot they are... all tumbling legs, toys, puppies, and food.... what one doesn't think of the other does and the pup seems to be a fast learner as he is right in the middle of all their antics. They've already taught him a few tricks... he absolutely refuses to go outside to potty until they give him a treat! Too cute... he'll stand at the door waiting for the treat... then run out to piddle. He's a little dolly and I must admit to having a touch of puppy fever while he was here... but... not ready yet. I think of Gertie every day and I still think I hear her at the door or in another room. Sometimes when I'm at my desk I think I see her in my peripheral vision... she usually stayed right at my feet but she had one little hidey-hole spot in my office where she liked to snooze... I've removed her bed from that corner. I so wish I could just give her one more big hug and see those beautiful brown eyes.

Anywhoooo... enough of that. I spent several hours washing bird bath saucers and preparing places to set them up... I put one just outside the kitchen window by the table so I'll have a close-up view of the birds. Last year they had a nest in the lemon tree and I've seen them investigating this spring. Gertie scared the be-jeebers outta them last year and they actually abandoned the nest shortly after the babies hatched. It was too tall to see if the babies were still in the nest... and I was never positive the parents actually left... but I sure didn't see them around much. For months they'd dive-bomb poor Gert... she couldn't even piddle without one or the other swooping down and threatening to peck her behind. She seemed to ignore them ... until she'd hear the baby birds chirping. Thankfully she could not get near any of the nests or birdhouses, but... oh my goodness, the racket she could make... actually shaking the tree at one time! I'd planned to fence off that entire area this year to keep her in the other end of the yard until they'd had all their babies and taught them to fly. I cleaned several of the birdhouses recently and I've seen activity in and out but cannot tell if they're building nests. I'm afraid if I get too close or try to look inside the houses they might be frightened away.... so am just letting nature take her course. One morning last week I saw the fattest bluejay I've ever seen... that sucker looked like a small turkey! (and I'm only exaggerating a teensy bit!). Since bluejays can be very difficult about their territory I'm kinda hoping they nest next door... I'd hate to have that kamikaze bird dive bombing for my head!

So... now I've figured out how to FIND my goofy blog... perhaps I'll post more often. I created it more than a month ago and then could never figure out how to find it... I thought it had gone to that great hard drive in the sky... then quite by accident I found it this morning. Now I must figure out how to use a digital camera, download photos, and post them... lordy, this is like returning to school. I doubt I'll ever catch up with the digital revolution... WHERE are my crayons?

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  1. Digging in the garden? The ground is still hard as a rock here, so no digging until the middle of next month, maybe.

    Love your description of the children and the puppy. :-D What fun!