Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More bottle trees... vintage & contemporary

The first one is especially neat... note it can be made with
pitchfork! Too easy.

I love this one with so many colors.

Here are a few more bottle trees... some vintage and some contemporary. Because it is hard to find a suitable tree many people are now using welded metal trees. You can find them for sale on eBay or by googling 'bottle trees'. Or... if you're really lucky, you know someone who will make one exactly to your design... you can easily find directions on google. I'll post more photos later showing variations of bottle trees. Hope you all enjoy the bottle trees... I wish I had my tree installed and ready to add the bottles!


  1. Where on earth do people find such colorful bottles?

  2. Hi Nancy... not easy to find great colors these days... cobalt blue is probably the easiest pretty color to find... several wines are in cobalt blue. some old medicine bottles are cobalt (Milk of Magnesia). I've found only one truly red bottle & have no idea what was originally in it. Several online sellers stock colored bottles, but one must be careful as some of these are actually painted... and will not, over the long term, hold up to the weather. If you're lucky enough to see really old authentic bottle trees in the south you'll likely find some with lavendar bottles... they were probably originally clear, but turned to lavendar from being exposed to the elements. Jeannie