Saturday, March 28, 2009

a little visit from Gertie...

I had a wonderful dream about Gertie the other night. In my dream Gertie came bouncing into the house, ran and found her favorite blue Kong then happily plopped down for a good Kong chew on her rug. Gertie had a cute way of sprawling out when she was in a particularly good mood... she just looked so pleased with herself... like she'd found the most wonderful something or the other... and that's the way she looked in the dream.... just plain happy. I'm taking it as a sign my sweet Gertie is in a good place. It was good to have a little 'visit' from her. Here's another sorta old photo of Gert in her reindeer horns... she didn't seem all that interested in being Rudolph! (wait til you see her in her 'church lady' hat)


  1. How wonderful to find Gertie in your dreams. May you have many more sweet dreams.

  2. Jeannie..thx for sharing..I am thinking that Gertie wanted you to know she is at a happy place:)) I know you miss her dearly..
    Cute pic;)