Saturday, March 14, 2009

pigs, whales, and bottle houses

I may be spelling her name wrong, but I believe this is the Mrs. Presby folk art village in California. This lady... beginning at a rather late time in her life, built an entire Village of Bottles in California. Last I read it was falling into disrepair as it appears she had been ill. I have better photos saved somewhere online, but don't know where right now.
Good day! Jeannie
only in texas...
don't know where this guy lives, but I like people who get off their duff and keep on creating... all I can say about the "camper"... it IS an interesting piece of folk art...but don't think I'd wanna sleep there. I do like the tree art...


  1. Wow..Jeannie..did not even know you had a Blog...
    great pics..Interesting I must say..


  2. i absolutely LOVE stuff like this!!! Great post and love your garden art pictures!!

  3. hi, do you have any more info on Mrs. Presby folk art village in California?? nothing seems to some up on the web.
    great site btw.!